Use WSAD to move and SPACE to use flashlight. 

If you die or fell, you can restart current level by pressing R or restart the entire game by pressing P.

Your main goal is to escape the dungeon, however I created extra stars to collect.

If you collect them all, you'll be able to activate the lamp at last level and save the world from darkness. 

However it's not that easy at it seems. If you die, the stars will disappear and only way to respawn them is to reset the game by pressing P. 

If you really want a challenge from this game, try to collect them all!

Good Luck!

this game was made in 2.53h. i really wanted to add the sound but i had not enough time to do that ;-;

This is my twitter - https://twitter.com/Puszkowypuszek I use it only to watch memes, but I don't have instagram or twitch so...


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Nice game but it's really hard... The pixel art is really good but it would have been better if you included a light that also light upwards

That's a good idea, sadly I didn't have enough time to do that, also controls would be a little weird. Now, I think that the flashlight could be controlled by mouse. Anyway thanks for comment!